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Straight Tubes

Straight tube bongs are probably the most traditional style of glass bongs on the market. They have been enjoyed by smokers for generations and their roots can be traced back as far as ancient China! However don't let their traditional style fool you: these are not your grandpa's water pipes! Straight tubes offer many benefits - they are easy to transport, easy to keep clean, and are available in many different heights and materials. Although glass is an ideal material for water pipes due to its excellent heat-resistance, WickiePipes has perfected our design using other materials that offer the same pleasurable smoking experience without sacrificing any of the benefits offered by traditional glass bongs.

In this section you'll find straight tubes made not only from our classic borosilicate glass, but also improved, intuitive materials such as silicone and even bamboo that are a lot of fun to use and display. Our selection of straight tube water pipes vary from thick to thin glass, tall to short, and offer the same advanced features that you'd come to expect from our more creative pieces. These features include showerhead percolators, interesting segmented designs, ergonomically designed bent neck models and more. At WickiePipes we've blended the traditional design of a classic glass bong with the contemporary features of more advanced, modern designs for the best of both worlds.

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