Mori Design - Raydiator Pipe

Mori Design - Raydiator Pipe

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Raydiator Pipe by, Mori Design has utilized titanium, aluminum and double glass rods in creating this sporty pipe. Raydiator Pipe will last for many years due to its durable construction. The bowl, draw-tube and the domed filtration screen are made from titanium which aids in cooling hot gases, also providing easy cleaning. Medical grade vinyl tubing has been installed on both ends of the mouthpiece and carburetor for comfort. The body has been precisely CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum for heat consistency and weight reduction. The titanium filtration screens are thick; often cleaning will result in up to eighteen-months of use! No less, it includes one spare screen. The domed design of the screen requires being used “dome” facing up. In addition, Raydiator Pipe has a swiveling bowl-lid to preserve tobacco when finished, and to prevent spills. The double glass rods are its signature center piece which gives the Raydiator Pipe its unique looks.

Spare Titanium Filter Screen
Steel Cleaning Rod

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Country of Manufacture United States
Measurements 0.55"L / 4"W / .65"H
Product Weight 2oz

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